Credit Card Machines

If you’re a retail business or commercial business selling face to face, you need a credit card machine. But where do you start? There are so many types of credit card terminals it’s hard to figure out what you need. We’ll help you break it all down.

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Credit card handling counts greatly on technology and the best processing devices to guarantee that transactions are taken care of swiftly, safely and properly. Merchant Account providers work very closely with all its clients to help them choose the credit card machines and credit card handling software that finest meet their particular demands.

Credit Card Machines

Choosing the credit card machine (also called a terminal) for your business can assist you lower handling costs and boost your profits. Merchant Account Providers have the experience to direct you in your selection of the best credit card machine and PIN pad for your operation. Learn about all your options– including countertop, mobile and wireless models– as well as PIN pads, credit card swipers and printers on our page dedicated to credit card machines.

Credit Card Processing Software

Credit card processing software can be a cost-effective and reliable solution for many small businesses, including conventional retail, on-line and MOTO (mail order/telephone order) operations. Installed on a Windows-based PC, software gets the job done securely without the need for an additional pricey expense for hardware.

Learn more about your options for accepting credit card payments with processing software. And if you have concerns about processing equipment or any other aspect of credit card payment systems, complete the form on this page and you’ll obtain a call from one a Merchant Account provider representatives.

Wireless Credit Card Terminal Machines

Diversified and on-the-go merchants rely on credit card terminals that could keep up with them by providing secure processing wherever and whenever the sale arises. When you need to accept credit cards in the field or at a customer’s home, mobile and wireless terminals have got you handled. Regardless if you opt for our ProcessNow ® Register or ProcessNow Mobile app-based processing remedies that transform your smartphone or tablet into a credit card machine, or choose one of our compact and portable wireless terminals, you won’t miss a sale. Mobile and cordless terminals are the right option for merchants who operate outside the conventional retail setting, and for service providers who need credit card processing on the road. Learn more here: Wireless Credit Card Terminal Machines

Pin Pads

You can’t process a PIN debit card or EBT sale without having a PIN pad, and merchant account service providers provides a choice of models from top names. Paired with incorporated point of sale devices, PIN pads allow the cardholder to enter their personal identification number into the system to complete the transaction securely. PIN pads are needed equipment for any retail location or service provider that accepts PIN debit and EBT cards. Let us assist you choose the PIN pad that’s compatible with your credit card machine.
Learn more here: Pin Pads

Credit Card Swipers

A credit card swiper, or reader, is an electronic device that reads the account information embedded in the card’s magnetic strip that’s needed to complete a transaction. A swiper is used for card-present (face-to-face) retail transactions. Nearly all credit card swipers include an ergonomic, compact layout and bi-directional read capacity, making them extremely easy to use. Simply swipe the card through the reader to gather the necessary data, wrap up the sale and issue a receipt. Learn more here: Credit Card Swipers

Receipt Printers

The final step in the credit card transaction process is issuing an invoice, which requires a printer. Many point-of-sale credit card terminals have a built-in printer, but they can also be purchased individually. Printer options consist of thermal, laser or ink jet. Other features to consider when picking a printer are compatibility with your existing processing system, practical drop-in paper loading, an auto cutter, easy-to-read LEDs, a fast print speed and a footprint that takes up minimal space on a sales counter. Learn more here: Receipt Printers